Sinergy 10KVA / 120V Pure Sine Wave


Your TVs, home lighting, fans, fridge, freezer, etc, the 10kva will do a excellent job of them, giving you reasonable backup on your fully charged batteries. If you want to dd an air conditioner, the 10kva inverter can also accommodate it. Overall, the 10kva / 120V inverter is a robust inverter capacity, meeting most of the power needs of a home. The 10kva Sinergy inverter is also a good power backup choice for office use. Most office devices can be accommodated, covering computers, fans, printers, lighting etc.

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Automatic Changeover to Inverter Mode
Ensures longer battery life
DSP Based Intelligent Control Circuit
User friendly LED Display (Message & Faults)
Smarter Overload Sense & Short Circuit Protection
Reverse polarity protection
High surge withstand capability (up to 300%)
Five Stage Battery Charger
100% Protection for Sensitive Appliances
Battery Indicator With Charging/Overload Status
Suitable for Home & Office Appliances
Good for Fans, Lighting, TV, Fridge, freezer & other low power devices
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