Amaze Tubular Battery - AZ5248


Amaze India provides long lasting tubular inverter batteries and aims to provide high performance and high quality power back products to its customers. These batteries are designed to withstand and frequent power cuts. This is the portfolio including tubular batteries, square wave and sine wave inverters provide rugged performance with better load handling & sine wave inverters create noiseless and efficient production. Both the batteries and inverters of Amaze perform amazingly when they are used as a combo.

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Capacity – 220 Ah
Tall Tubular Battery
Tubular plate design
Tubular plate design specifically tailored for deep cycle usage
Tower type PPCP container-cover design, assuring significantly higher electrolyte level above plates
In-line level indicator for easier access
Special envelope separator minimise possibility of internal short circuit
Confirms to IS13369-1992
Tubular Advantages
High life, low maintenance
Suitable for use in areas with frequent power cut
Optimized material usage

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