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Kirloskar generators – powering Nigeria since 2007 with an installed capacity base of over 100MW in Nigeria alone. Kirloskar generators in Nigeria are marketed, distributed and serviced by Bhojsons PLC, which has a 150-year history of serving Nigeria with world-class products and services.

Kirloskar generators are the result of more than 70 years of engineering excellence, combined with wide range application knowledge, global technology trends and emerging user expectations to develop best-in-class products for the target markets.

Kirloskar generators are extremely rugged, tried and trusted for consistent performance & endurance for all-weather and harsh operating conditions, not just in India, but across the globe in more than 60 countries worldwide for over 80 applications.

Kirloskar Gernerator Range Ratings From 15KVA

All Kirloskar generators are rated at Prime Power Rating Only.

kirloskar Advantages

Highest Value Addition to Your Business

Effective Cost

Generator sets provided by Kirloskar increase fuel efficiency. A major advantage of these gensets is that it helps in saving fuel costs. Its rating is based on current load and future expansion. Its fuel efficiency is optimized based on absolute ratings.

Long usage life

Kirloskar Genset is known for its robust design and dependability with long usage life. KOEL incorporates all the latest technologies in its GenSet which helps in enhancing its durability as well as service.

Control your generator at your fingertips

It is based on modern day Kirloskar Genset microprocessor controllers that give a detailed display of all parameters and allow customers to set all parameters with their fingers. It is user friendly.


Highly reliable and durable

The Koel Genset is manufactured with a robust configuration, as it has a high operating position in India. In addition, Kirloskar offers the customer the option to choose between air-cooled and water-cooled gensets. It is known for its continuous service and durability.

Enough Power

The power generated from diesel powered generators is sufficient to run most types of applications. One can use the power supplied by these generators for any task which requires between 15kW and 2000kW.

Long Duration

In addition to the fact that diesel engines require less fuel than other generators to provide the same level of power, they can also be operated for longer periods, that is, maximum hours because they allow the engine to accelerate Can be cooled by air and water.


In the engineering industry of India, the Kirloskar group of companies is one of the most primitive industrial clusters. It produces a wide variety of products such as pumps, engines and electrical equipment such as diesel generators, electric motors, transformers and many other things. Different types, depending on the need Kirloskar provides different power materials which is mentioned below.

powerful newtork across nigeria

We have proven track record of rapid delivery and prompt after-sales service to better serve our customers with all our businesses supported by a nationwide distribution network of dealers and distributors in addition to 8 dedicated branches with service centers.

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