Mr. B.H. Chanrai, founder of the Bhojsons Group began with importing and distributing essential commodities in Nigeria in the first half of the 20th Century. Bhojsons Group is serving Africa since 1860. As a part of J.T. Chanrai Group, The Bhojsons Group of Companies put their roots in Nigeria back in the 19th century. Since 1950, Mr. B.B. Under Chanrai's leadership, the group has evolved into a group expanding its operations in the African sub-continent.


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We serve in Auto-industry for years now. These two and three wheelers are amazing and long durable. They are the most demanded brands of China, Italy, Europe.

These are very comfortable, noise free and environmentally friendly functioning inverters and generators with reliable power distribution with an optimized battery backup....

They are ergonomic, silent, comfortable and safe, and provide intelligent solutions and maximum comfort in every room in the home. To ensure top performance, functionality...

It is the best and one of the oldest diesel engines which produces engines ranging from 4.41 Kw to 9 Kw capacity. These diesel engines are imported from China mostly.

powerful newtork across nigeria

We have proven track record of rapid delivery and prompt after-sales service to better serve our customers with all our businesses supported by a nationwide distribution network of dealers and distributors in addition to 8 dedicated branches with service centers.

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